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Founded in 1985, Wesst Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Taizhou Hailing Industrial park. It is a research and development, production and sales of professional cleaning equipment products business." Wesst” has become one of the most famous manufacturer of washing machines in China.

For Twenty-eight years, Wesst washing equipment industry has maintained a rapid development of robust products throughout the country 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools, coal, clothing, printing and dyeing, food and in many more other fields. In the domestic market it   established and improved a wide sale and service network. At the same time, Wesst actively explore the international market. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, etc.

Wesst adheres to the pursuit of quality, with a sound management system. Wesst ensures that every aspect of business process is achieved with high-quality management and the application of technology and product development and innovation, also adheres to information, intelligence and product development direction of low-carbon technologies, the breakthrough success the success of major projects in the chemical, oil refining, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc..

With the rapid technological development, Wesst has always been technology-based, market platform to nurture and enhance the core competitiveness for the purpose, and strive to achieve Wesst exciting future.




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