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Dryer (all steel dryers, dryer, clothes dryer) main features:

1. The dryer (all steel dryers, dryer, clothes dryer) using automatic control device, only through the control panel to adjust the time, can automatically complete the whole drying process;

2. The dryer (all steel dryers, dryer, clothes dryer) drum is made of high-quality stainless steel cylinder beautiful and smooth, durable, no scratch fabric phenomenon;

3. The dryer (all steel dryers, dryer, clothes dryer) large door design, convenient 180 ° of freedom to open the door and extract clothing more easily;

4. Dryer (all steel dryers, dryer, clothes dryer) uses the triangle belt transmission, smooth running, low noise, safe and reliable.

5. Optimal design of double cooling fan, with the best heat dissipation. Technology improvement, the machine can save half the energy.

6. Dryer is used for various fabric and cloth or wool. Suitable for laundry , hotel , coal, troops ,hospital ,school etc.

7. Steam or electrical heating.

8. Easy to install and maintain.

Model Capacity
Drum Dimension (mm) Motor Power
Draught Fan Power
Steam pressure (MPa) Weight
Overall Dimension
SWA801-30 30 860×800 1.1 1.1 0.4-0.6 600 1070×1350×1950
SWA801-50 50 1100×980 1.1 1.5 0.4-0.6 800 1300×1660×2270
SWA801-100 100 1320×1100 2.2 1.5 0.4-0.6 980 1500×2000×2350
SWA801-120 120 1500×1100 3 1.5*2 0.4-0.6 1100 1660×1950×2360
SWA801-150 150 1600×1100 4 1.5*2 0.4-0.6 1300 1770×2200×2450

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