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Industrial Hydro-extractor

Industrial hydro-extractor main features:

1. Industrial hydro-extractor has unique three-legged suspension structure, can avoid the vibration due to the unbalanced load.

2. The panel and drum of commercial dehydrating are made of refined stainless steel plate, durable.

3. Industrial dehydrating has characteristic braking device. The braking ability is very good, safe and reliable, low noise.

4. Industrial dewatering machine is provided with triangle belt transmission. The start wheel is driven by the motor, slowly starting to normal speed, stable operation without vibration.

5. The dewatering machine diameter is 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.

6. Easy and flexible to operate.

7. Widely used in various laundries, food factory, hotel , coal, troops ,hospital ,school etc.

Model Diameter of drum
Motor power
Rotational Speed
SS755-500 ф500 25 1.5 1000 250 950×950×650
SS753-600 600 40 3 960 450 1000×1000×750
SS752-800 800 80 4 900 850 1500×1500×900
SS751-1000 1000 130 5.5 900 1200 1720×1720×920
SS751-1200 1200 220 7.5 800 1900 1900×1900×980
SME301-1500 1500 600 10 750 2800 2550×1950×1400

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